The Castle in Transylvania

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Bran Castle

The atmosphere was electric. I was surrounded by a sea of dancing people dressed as angry dead wives, clowns, several jokers from the movie "Suicide Squad," pumpkins and even one man who dressed as a zombie cheerleader. The floor was covered in autumn leaves, there were dancers in stilts and blood-themed cocktails were on offer from masked men behind the bar. I'm not sure I'd be able to count how many times I met Dracula that night, but somehow, thankfully, I walked away unscathed.

While the Halloween party was incredibly touristy and the real Vlad Tepes may not have spent much time here, there was something exhilarating about wandering around the medieval fortress at night. Unfortunately the night was over before I knew it and just like a vampire, I was forced to retreat into the bitter cold and into bed before the harsh sun rose. Bianca Britton is a freelance journalist based in London.

Bucharest to Transylvania: How to get to Bran Castle

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Transylvania castles tour

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Visit 'Dracula's Castle' in Transylvania, Romania

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Touring the castle Soon we were eagerly waiting for our guided tour to start. Corvin Castle There was yet another castle we were curious to see. Rather a fortress than a home In the age when it was built, the purpose of a castle was first and foremost defense. Which castle looks the most tempting to you? PIN IT! Did you enjoy this post?

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Just keep reading! We have already mentioned two of the reasons why castles in Romania rock: there are plenty of them and they are affordable. However, there is a third reason, too. There are many different types of castles so even though we visited a couple of them every day, it never got boring. They can be loosely divided into three categories: castles, fortresses and fortified churches. There are so many castles scattered across the region that we wish we had time to visit all of them.

However, we made sure to visit the ones we consider must-sees for every traveller to Romania. Technically, Peles Castle is not in Transylvania. It is located in the neighbouring Wallachia region in the quaint town of Sinaia. Not to mention that it is very close to where the two regions meet. By the way, there is yet another castle you can visit in the same complex as Peles Castle.

The Art-Nouveau Pelisor Castle. A fine example of German new-Renaissance architecture, Peles Castle is one of the most beautiful castles in Europe. It served as the summer residence of the Romanian royal family from until Peles Castle has rooms and it was the first castle in Europe ever to be entirely lit by electric current. It is an uphill yet marvellous path. Tall trees provide thick shade while a stream runs alongside creating small waterfalls every now and then. Suddenly, Peles Castle appeared to our right.

It was dazzling. A million selfies later, it was time for us to go inside the castle. Visit to Peles Castle is by guided tour only.

This gave us some time to stroll around the stunning garden with its sculptures and topiaries. We also marvelled at the wonderful murals at the interior courtyard. Once inside the castle, we were taken aback by the lavish decoration of the various rooms. Peles Castle houses a large collection of unique pieces of furniture, fine art and various invaluable objects. On the ground floor, mostly armours and weapons are on display.

We particularly enjoyed the tour of the first floor where we got a glimpse of the everyday lives of the royals who spent their vacation at Peles Castle. Our guide showed us around the luxuriously decorated rooms while sharing historical facts and anecdotes with us. Overall, we enjoyed our visit to Peles Castle immensely. That means we missed the introduction to the tour and all the precious info that went with it. In their defence, it was an awfully busy day.

Concessions applicable to senior citizens, students etc. There is also an additional fee for use of camera inside the castle: 35 lei for photos and 60 lei for video. Google Translate is our best friend.

Bran Castle is probably the most famous one in Romania because it is known as Dracula Castle. Built atop a rock in Gothic style, it is an imposing and impressive construction. Ever since it was built, Bran Castle belonged to the people of Brasov. However, in the latter decided to offer it as a gift to the Romanian royal family. Click here and learn all about our visit to Bran Castle!

Did Count Dracula live there or not after all? Skip the lines and visit both Peles and Bran castles in one day comfortably from Bucharest!

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Also known as Hunedoara Castle or Hunyadi Castle, Corvin Castle is regarded by many as the most spectacular one in the entire country. The Gothic style structure is one of the largest castles in Europe. Corvin Castle is in Hunedoara, an industrial town in southwestern Transylvania. We drove from Sibiu to Hunedoara and it took us about an hour and a half to get there.

After passing various food trucks and souvenir stalls we got to the castle. The minute we set eyes on it, its remarkable size and unique charm left us speechless. Hunedoara Castle is built amid lush greenery on a rock around which flows the small Zlasti River. To enter the castle, one must cross a gorgeous and utterly dramatic drawbridge. Visiting on a foggy and rainy day only added to the overall mesmerising effect the castle had on us. We spent more than an hour wandering around the medieval castle.

There are informative signs everywhere and that helped us learn a lot about the castle and its former residents. We also read about various legends related to the castle.

The Castle in Transylvania The Castle in Transylvania
The Castle in Transylvania The Castle in Transylvania
The Castle in Transylvania The Castle in Transylvania
The Castle in Transylvania The Castle in Transylvania
The Castle in Transylvania The Castle in Transylvania

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