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This Copic set gives you 12 of the most common shades for typical daily coloring.

01. Watch out for excess ink

This set comes with a clear case to store the refillable markers. Nibs for each marker are long-lasting and replaceable for when they do start to fray and wear down. This set is great as a starter pack into Copic markers, or as an addition to an already established set. And one of the most important things has nothing to do with the markers themselves. You have to consider the paper you use above all else. When drawing or coloring with markers the type of paper is important.

Thicker, bonded paper will hold the ink, and layers of ink, better than thinner paper. This is also true with most sketchbooks although many artists just use markers regardless of sketchbook paper. The quality of the ink is also very important. No two markers come with the same ink so each mixture has its own pros and cons.

Water-based markers are popular because they have no odor. They are fast drying, waterproof, and not soluble in most solvents. The colors are waterproof but can be soluble in alcohol which is useful for thinning colors while blending. There is an odor because of the alcohol but it dissipates quickly. Solvent-based markers are made using one of three solvents: acetate is the most popular, but you may also find butryl or xylene as the solvent compound. There is also a heavy lingering odor due to the solvents being used.

Unless you are creating a monotone piece, you will want to pick a marker set that has many different colors. And if you choose alcohol based markers you can thin and mix them to create new shades and more choices.

9 top tips for drawing in black and white

It could still fade over time. Each marker set should have literature to tell you what type of marker it is. Read the docs or skim their website online and determine if the markers work for your needs.

Top Pick: Copic Marker 12-Piece Basic Set

The colors should also give you the opportunity to layer without bleeding. Most artsy paper types will help prevent bleeding, but too many layers can eventually bleed through the strongest paper. Also keep in mind that you can always buy multiple color packs together. For example, Copic sells a ton of different color packs and they each vary based on a different style or subject matter. Chisel tips attempt to be both, allowing you to work in small detail-oriented areas or give wide coverage with fewer strokes.

You can also create different lines depending on how you hold and use the chisel tips. Some markers are dual-tipped which is really nice. This means they have a tip at each end of the marker tube. Depending on the brand you will usually find a fine tip at one end and a chisel tip at the other.

These dual tipped markers are a great way to use multiple tips and colors without having to purchase duplicate marker sets. Just like colored pencils , markers have quality grades you need to be aware of.

How to Sketch with Markers. Product Design sketching

While the price may be alluring at first, if you are a professional then student grade markers should be avoided. On the other hand, if you only want to color or draw as a hobby, student grade markers will be just fine. Artist grade is where you will spend most of your time looking. Unless you decide to go with the more expensive Copic markers, artist grade are the 2nd best choice and will do very well for your applications and projects.

So it really comes down to your budget and your confidence in working with markers. Copic Markers are a Japanese brand specifically designed for artists. They are more expensive than most and are reusable, refillable, and have replaceable tips. These are like the Rolls Royce of art markers.

Bestselling Series

You can buy Copic kits which build up over time giving you a massive collection of art markers with a huge variety of colors. Copics have become one of the most widely used and sought after brands in the world because of their blending abilities, color selection, and tip replacements.

Plus you can re-up each marker by refilling when they run dry. Refilling the pigment tubes is easy and you can even create your own colors using blank Copic tubes and tips designed for just such a purpose. Their ink quality is perhaps the absolute best and the colors are super vibrant.

Fair warning: I do love Copics and I really do recommend them for artists. View On Amazon. Over the entire Copic library there are several hundred Copic marker colors available. This basic set provides 12 colors that are used in almost every type of drawing. Simple and easy to start with. Each marker is refillable with a solid and sturdy tube. This gives you the ability to switch tips without changing colors. If you want to start with a larger set then the Copic Basic also comes in a 36 color kit which offers more neutral colors and a few more tone variants.

If you are looking to spend a little more and really want a sweet marker set then go for the 36 pack. The colors are vibrant, lay down smooth, and allow you to blend for your own colors. The fast-drying ink means you can lay down more color immediately and without any worry of streaking or smearing.

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Biggest downside here is that Copics cost a pretty penny considering everything you get. This Copic 6-piece skin set is perfect for all of that. Each maker is alcohol-based which means you can dilute the colors with alcohol, or blend while the colors are still wet. They play nice with other Copics too. You can also use the Copic airbrush system with these markers to give your work that soft, painted appeal.

Workshop: Sketching with Alcohol Markers

As with all Copic markers, the nibs are replaceable and the tubes are refillable. You can also mix colors to create your own variants of the tones if you prefer. The kit comes with a clear plastic container to keep everything in order. This is the first skin tone set made by Copic but there are others available with varying shades and tones. My biggest complaint again: the total number of markers compared to the tag.

The Prismacolor Premier markers are some fantastic artist grade markers that come in 12 vibrant colors. The ink tube with each marker is a solid construction tube designed for even ink flow to both ends. This is because each marker has dual tips. On one end you will have a fine point nib. This can be used for all manner of coloring and the fine tip allows you to work in smaller spaces with ease. I will cover such fundamentals like: vanishing points, horizon line, chiaroscuro, concept of aerial perspective. After this lesson you will understand how to work with markers like Copic, Promarker, Chartpak etc , how to make beautiful gradients with them and how to render different kinds of textures, for example glass, metal, fabric, wood, mirror.

Sketch of a classical armchair in 2-point perspective 30 min. This lesson is all about cementing our knowledge about 2-point perspective from previous lesson, but this time hand rendering of a classical armchair will be our point of interest. After this lesson you will understand how you can draw complex objects via simple forms.

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  • We are going to make here a stylish sketch of a dining room in minimalistic Scandic style. Here I will introduce you to the concept of 1-point perspective. As for the textures, lacquered surfaces and wood will be our focus. Here we will combine our knowledge about 1- and 2-points perspectives in one drawing of a living room in Classic French style. Textures covered in this lesson: crystal, textile, wood. You will perfect and polish your skills which have been built in previous lessons.

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    This lesson will be all about creating an incredibly-looking furniture layout in markers in only 30 minutes! Without time lapse, all in real time. You will fall in love with this one, I promise you! Textures covered here: ceramic tile, glass, wood, textile. This is a great time and money investment for interior designers as well as interior design students!

    Some examples of my students' drawings from this course :.

    Sketching with Markers : Thomas C. Wang :

    Check more drawings made by my students SorokinaStudents. Some more examples of my students' drawings from the course :. You can learn from any device you wish: PC, iPad, smartphone! This ecourse looks great on any platform you like. The content is amazing and very good work she did with her courses!

    Sketching With Markers Sketching With Markers
    Sketching With Markers Sketching With Markers
    Sketching With Markers Sketching With Markers
    Sketching With Markers Sketching With Markers
    Sketching With Markers Sketching With Markers

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