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Studies show advances in radiation therapy prolong, improve lives of patients with anal cancer

Information obtained from analytics tools also provides documentation to validate improvement within a department. Traditional linear accelerators linacs have come a long way since Rolf Wideroe created the linear accelerator concept in Advancements over the years have allowed linacs to provide radiation treatments with millimeter accuracy.

The majority of linear accelerators available today are so advanced that they have at least some form of optional stereotactic radiosurgery SRS capabilities.

In June Accuray announced that it had received U. Building on the TomoTherapy line of products, the Radixact system incorporates a more powerful linear accelerator that allows treatments of up to 1, MU per minute, providing improvements to treatment speed and efficiency. The integrated iDMS Data Management System and Accuray Precision Treatment Planning System further improve the treatment process by streamlining workflow and reducing the time required to create treatment plans. Key benefits of this technology include the ability to offer radiosurgery to a broader range of patients as well as provide improved quality of treatments.

Pending U. Food and Drug Administration FDA k clearance, a September press release stated that Varian anticipates this technology will be available sometime in Advances in Radiation Oncology. Analytics Tools There has always been a lot of useful information captured through daily activities within a radiation oncology department, but accessing this data in a meaningful fashion could be quite a task.

Advancements in Linear Accelerator Technology Traditional linear accelerators linacs have come a long way since Rolf Wideroe created the linear accelerator concept in Videos Radiation Oncology September 20, Videos Radiation Therapy September 20, News Proton Therapy September 20, The ProBeam News Radiation Oncology September 18, News Lung Cancer September 18, Adding precisely aimed, escalated doses of radiation after patients no longer respond to immunotherapy reinvigorates Image-guided radiotherapy Technological innovations have made possible the direct integration of imaging technology into the radiation treatment device to increase the precision and accuracy of radiation delivery by controlling the placement of the dose within the body [ 22 , 98 ].

Breathing adaptive radiotherapy Real-time monitoring of patient position significantly reduces intra-fraction movement, due either to physiological movement as in the case of the prostate, or due to respiration when tumours are located in the lung or upper abdomen. Adaptive radiotherapy ART and dose painting strategies are the most recent tailored treatments. Conclusion In conclusion, RT has undergone tremendous progress over the years, realising technological developments that have revolutionised its clinical use, but we must not forget the multifaceted nature of this discipline that makes it an interface between physics, chemistry, biology and medicine [ ].

Author contributions Cristina Garibaldi and Barbara Alicja Jereczek-Fossa equally contributed to the work and should be considered as first authors. References 1.

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  • Recent advances in radiation oncology.

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Med Oncol.

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Recent advances in radiation oncology

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Cancer Treatment: IMRT (Radiation Therapy)

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Recent Treatment Advances in Radiation Oncology

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Radiation Oncology Advances Radiation Oncology Advances
Radiation Oncology Advances Radiation Oncology Advances
Radiation Oncology Advances Radiation Oncology Advances
Radiation Oncology Advances Radiation Oncology Advances
Radiation Oncology Advances Radiation Oncology Advances
Radiation Oncology Advances Radiation Oncology Advances
Radiation Oncology Advances Radiation Oncology Advances
Radiation Oncology Advances Radiation Oncology Advances

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