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Also See for V Owner's manual - pages Service manual - 56 pages.

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Page of 30 Go. Tradem ark Office. All other product or service nam es are the property of their. The Bluetooth tradem arks are owned by their proprietor and used by M otorola,.


Java and all other Java-based m arks are tradem arks or registered tradem arks. The inform ation contained in M otorola's user's guides is believed to be correct. M otorola reserves the right to change or modify any. The contents of M otorola's user's. The M otorola products described in this m anual m ay include copyrighted.

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M otorola and third-party software stored in sem iconductor m em ories or other. Laws in the United States and other countries preserve for M otorola. Accordingly, any copyrighted software contained in the. M otorola products m ay not be m odified, reverse-engineered, distributed, or. Furtherm ore, the. W hile Products specifications and features m ay be subject to change without.

You m ay also be able to. Welcome to the world of Motorola digital wireless communications! We are pleased that you have chosen this Motorola GSM wireless. Table of Contents.

Motorola V Service Manual 56 pages. In-vehicle integrated v60 digital cellular phone 17 pages. Digital wireless telephone level 1 and 2 service manual 56 pages. We are pleased that you have chosen this Motorola GSM wireless phone. Headphone Connector Left Soft Key When you communicate with your phone, the system handling your call controls the power level at which your phone transmits. Your Motorola phone is designed to comply with local regulatory requirements in your country concerning exposure of human beings to RF energy.

Optional Features This label identifies an optional network, SIM card, or subscription-dependent feature that may not be offered by all service providers in all geographical areas. Page 6: Charging The Battery Before using your phone, please read the battery safety information in the Safety and General Information section included in this guide. Installing the Battery Your phone is designed to use only Motorola Original batteries and accessories. For more options, see the table after the procedure.

Point the camera lens at the photo subject, then: Press take a photo Tip: Press M to open the You can send the multimedia message to other wireless phone users, and to email addresses. When the name you want appears at the bottom of your display, highlight it and press the key to go to the entry. Using the Display The home screen displays when you are not on a call or using the menu. Has port for an external antenna on the back under a rubber cap. I have dropped this phone several times by accident, and the screens have survived. Much tougher than other motorolas I have owned and broken v, v Somewhat decent "1.

I believe the imager chip probably only does x resolution, and is "enhanced. Cons: Sometimes bluetooth is not very reliable. A few times it has refused to see the earpiece I have, and I blame the phone for the reason that when I try to "scan" for bluetooth devices it will not.

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I restarted the phone both times and the bluetooth began to work. Occasionally the battery will run down much faster than normal, this may be due to being in an area of little or no signal strenth? This has happened twice, while the phone was on but not in use. Lastly I complain about the motorola software. It has a browser which I occasionaly start by accident because of where the button is.

I cannot change the settings on this button to map it to another feature instead. Also when opening and closing the phone there is a delay before the screen actually has a display. This may be due to the load from motorola's "orange" theme. It would be nice not to have an elaborate theme, and while there may be ways to do it such as reflashing the memory it would be nice if I could choose a simple, low overhead "theme".

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Its a phone, I dont want pretty flashy things I cant turn off. Read full review.

When you have the Motorola V in your hand you know it. It is a substantial handset. It tips the scales at grams, or almost 4. With a metal battery cover and metal front flip cover it feels solid because it is solid. The phone is not large. It is only marginally larger than the Motorola V It will fit nicely into cases used with a Nokia or as well as many similar form factor Motorola models.

It is a sturdy, well built physical specimen. It's tank-like build in no way hinders it performance. The V scrolls through menus quickly. The tactile feedback from the keypad is crisp and distinct. The keypad a is a bit more slick than some. It is in no way difficult to use as a result of this texture choice by Motorola. In contrast the non-numeric keys have a rough text ure that makes for a nice touch.

The Voice key on the side of the handset activates a bit too easily. It seems everytime I pick up the handset it wants to voice dial. The true measure of a mobile handset is the ability to pick up and hold signals coupled with the quality of the speaker and microphone. It is here that the V really shines. It finds the signal in fringe areas and it holds on tenaciously.

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The speaker is loud and quite clear, about the clearest, most natural sound I've heard from a mobile handset. The microphone also produces a very clear and natural sound for the person at the other end. This phone has a lot going for it. It has voice notes and voice dialling.

Motorola V635 GSM Motorola V635 GSM
Motorola V635 GSM Motorola V635 GSM
Motorola V635 GSM Motorola V635 GSM
Motorola V635 GSM Motorola V635 GSM
Motorola V635 GSM Motorola V635 GSM

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