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Metadata optimization

The relevance check is designed to weed out cynical and cheap masquerading. The thorniest aspect to relevance is getting those all important generic propositions keywords right. Keywords should be used to identify your generic proposition. Your products and page-by-page content is compared — almost mechanically — to those keywords. The more relevant it is, the higher you come in Google when those keywords are entered. Choosing the right keywords is, of course, an entirely different matter. Inputs to this include your overall brand strategy and values, what customers are likely to enter in searches, what space your competition is after, what is achievable.

Keyword strategy is quantitative and qualitative, creative and analytical. Ultimately, however, this is the virtual market sector you will occupy. Final tweaks can be made to your pages by customising the URLs to make them short and to the point, as well as relative to the content that they hold. By default, Magento uses product and category names to make these, but you should override those that are too long or contain redundant and irrelevant words.

You can do this in the Admin Panel for each product and category. Google will read and store these.

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This is a data listing of all your pages and their links which the Google robots will read with gusto. When you have got this mixture of visibility and relevance right, your site will be well-armed for those Google robots. All the above points are under your control on your website, through the Magento Admin Panel. The Google Algorythm will give each page on your site a page rank. This page rank will affect how often Google visits you. A more precise measure, together with a list of these links, can be obtained from Google Webmaster Tools. The challenge is getting people to link to you. Webmasters do not exactly volunteer to give free links, especially to commercial organisations.

People will link to your site voluntarily if it has meaningful, beneficial, informative content — especially where it is valued by a specific community of interest. Send out press releases online with explicit links to your site. Or simply go round adding your site to directories such as Bing and paying for the more respectable sources.

Nowadays the link-building landscape is crowded with the advent of social media and it becomes about quality, not quantity. Great content is king here and will generate the best links from other sites, personal or commercial. Like anything else, you simply need a plan and you must track performance.

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My final point is about measurability. The web has unprecedented levels of accountability, making it easy for marketers to analyse, track and monitor the return on investment.

Looking at your website data visible in packages like Google Analytics , you can track the number of visitors, where the referrals come from, and which search terms are bringing in those valuable customers. Google Webmaster Tools can show the number of websites linking to you, as well as the search terms that work.

In Google Analytics, you can view which generic search terms bring you traffic, by excluding all the brand-related searches you should be top for that in any event — this is the ultimate measure of success. Drilling down into the sales conversions of this traffic, you can assess the profitability of your SEO activity.

There are a few basic rules that need to be followed when writing them:. Following are some brief information about each function and how to optimize them to maximize the number of traffic visiting the webpage. We all know that the first impression is very important to catch attention from other people; therefore, an attractive and impressive homepage is necessary for any online store. To have an ideal homepage, Magento stores need to make change to some default settings. Secondly, ensure the number of important keywords in the homepage as a homepage has possibility to gain higher position in SERPs than any other product pages of the website.

Therefore, try to place keywords in the title and heading 1 so that the spider can easily identify what the page is selling. In every product page, there are three main elements need to be changed of metadata, they are title, meta description and meta keywords. Can you do it on your own? If not then read this guide to know how to set up metadata SEO rules. However, if using this function, shop owners may have to face duplicate content. Because several products belong to the same category but vary in size and color, the link to each product is quite the same.

As a result, the product page cannot rank a high position in the SERPs as it is considered trustworthy by the spiders.

1. Ultimate SEO Suite

In Magento 2, canonical tags function as a method to deal with duplicate content. Its main responsibility is preventing indexing of filtered categories and products. It is highly suggested for shop admins to turn on canonical tags for both products and categories. However, if the product and category pages are already different, canonical tags should not be used in this case.

SEO Tips For Your Magento 2 Store:

One of the most remarkable improvements in Magento 2 is enabling users to make changes to Robots. It is currently available for Magento 1. Magento 2 developers decided to do their best and made Google AdWords implementation much easier for merchants. You can also use it as a checklist for your store optimization.

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As you can see, a lot of things have been done to improve SEO and overall online marketing possibilities of Magento 2. However, while these new settings are useful, most of them are too basic and offer minimum to no flexibility when it comes to real stores and products.

I do hope the article was helpful for you! Wish you good luck with your Magento 2 SEO strategy. If you still have any questions, please do ask them in comments! Kristina is the person who strongly believes in the power of SEO and does her best to bring the website to the top of search results.

How to take advantages of SEO Magento 2?

She pays careful attention to the latest marketing trends and regularly covers them on her blog. She also develops detailed strategies for site performance improvement and revenue growth. Being a many-sided person she effectively combines her marketer activities with dancing classes, photo shooting and… knitting :. We are considering creating a special extension for that, but these are long-term plans.

Hi Kristina, Okay thanks for the answer. I hope someone is looking into this, and I wondering why Magento didnt do it themselves. Simply Magento 2 is SEO friendly and it provides all the best features as compared to another e-commerce platform. This is really an amazing article with full details.

Thanks for sharing it with us. Magento 2 is better option compared to other e-commerce platform.

How to Improve SEO in Magento - GreenGeeks

Thanks for the great post. Hi Kristina-as a novice to seo, how will I know if my developer did all that needs to be done for seo during development of new magento 2. Hey Mir, thanks for your question. Looks like you need to go through the points manually, because there is no tool which will automatically check everything you need. Good luck!

Magento Search Engine Optimization Magento Search Engine Optimization
Magento Search Engine Optimization Magento Search Engine Optimization
Magento Search Engine Optimization Magento Search Engine Optimization
Magento Search Engine Optimization Magento Search Engine Optimization
Magento Search Engine Optimization Magento Search Engine Optimization
Magento Search Engine Optimization Magento Search Engine Optimization
Magento Search Engine Optimization Magento Search Engine Optimization
Magento Search Engine Optimization Magento Search Engine Optimization

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