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And what is the secret that love has whispered into your half-closed ear, the distant echo that has haunted you so? Only this: You are the very essence of Love. This very moment, just as you are, in spite of all the preconceived ideas you have of yourself, love claims and accepts you.

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Love by its very nature is a gift that is freely given. And yet this gift is known only as it is given again. Only when love is breathed from one heart to another is it fully experienced. When love is withheld it is forgotten, and because you and love were born together, you are forgotten with her. She lies hidden within you beside the still forgotten memory of your truest Self. Though asleep and dreaming, she awaits the dawn when her name is called and she is again brought back to life.

But this awakening requires that you willingly give up all the ways you have tried to limit and contain her. Love is the same for all. Give as love gives—just as the sun gives its light to all who ask, or the sparrow that sings not for the one who listens, but for the song itself. When you give love, love is your reward. The water you give refreshes the whole universe, for you are not separate from one part of the universe but are intimately linked to all.

Emissary of Light: A Vision of Peace

Let your gift be free, then. Let it flow from you and wash over all those you see, all those who cross your path. Do not think that you cannot still have relationships that are more involved than others. Involvement has nothing to do with love. There will always be those in your life with whom you share the deeper pulse of your thoughts and those whom you do not.

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But the love you give is the same for each of them. Subscribe to In Search of Simplicity by Email. Radio host, inspirational speaker and health educator John Haines is the author of In Search of Simplicity: A True Story that Changes Lives and the recently released Beyond the Search , books to lift the spirit and touch the heart.

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Indeed, a part from his megalomaniac claims, he seems like a regular guy -- warm, personable, friendly. Twyman's claims are so extraordinary, and the issues he brings up are so important, that a watered-down report is not possible -- at least for me. To encourage all of us to actively participate in this exploration, this special report will be followed by another one consisting of your comments. If after reading this report you have something you would like to share with everyone on the NHNE Mailing List, you can email your comments to "nhne nhne.

I will assume I have permission to include your thoughts in the followup report unless you specifically ask that they be withheld. If you have something to say that can't wait or you would like to begin discussing the information contained in this report now, you can swing by the bulletin board on the NHNE website and post your comments there.

Whereas the letters you send us will be included in the followup report and be archived in the NHNE database, the comments posted in our bulletin board will be removed after 60 days:. Emissary of Light By David Sunfellow. The perspectives presented in this special report are my own and may or may not be shared by the people listed above. Patterns of Deception.

Emissary of Light, a book by James F. Twyman, arrived in our mailbox in November of A letter from Colleen Kapklein, Twyman's editor, introduced the book.

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According to Kapklein, "of all the books I've edited, none has had a more profound impact on me personally. The jacket of the book was more direct, "James Twyman, a traveling troubadour, would risk his life to sing prayers of peace. But with the violence of Bosnia raging all around him, he made a journey to a secluded mountainous area. There he met a mystical community known as the Emissaries of Light, a secret society said to have existed for thousands of years, dedicated to the eternal flame of peace and the banishment of fear and mistrust from the world.

Over the years, I have encountered numerous authors, spiritual teachers and supposed masters who presented tales similar to Twyman's. Typically, the person in question meets a highly-evolved group of spiritual masters, or a representative of such a group. The initial encounter is unexpected and there are usually no witnesses. After this first meeting, a process of initiation begins and the person is taught the secret teachings of the brotherhood, which the brotherhood has practiced and safeguarded for ages.

To bolster its claim of spiritual mastership, the brotherhood often demonstrates various powers and passes at least some of these powers on to their new student. Often, the training takes place over weeks, months, years, at the group's home base which is located in a remote, inaccessible location that cannot be seen, detected, or located by non-group members.

At some point during the initiation process, the new initiate is told that they have been chosen for a special mission: to learn the ways of the secret brotherhood and then share these great teachings with the world. Usually, these stories also include dire warnings: humanity is on the verge of annihilation and if we do not change our ways and learn to live as the secret brotherhood teaches, we are lost. Having been handpicked out of all the other souls on the planet, the new initiate begins telling others about their adventure, coveted knowledge and special calling.

Empowered and emboldened by the support of others, the messenger and his group now begins a concerted effort to change the world by spreading and practicing the messenger's teaching.

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To date, not one story like this I have ever heard has turned out to be true, nor have the champions of such stories been able to prove themselves authentic messengers of God. If the story itself is not proven false which is often difficult to do since physical evidence is usually absent , then the prophetic messenger eventually succumbs to the kind of character flaws that spawned the story in the first place -- lies, abuse of power, sexual indiscretions, underhanded financial dealings, slight-of-hand with respect to supposed powers, plagiarism, and other moral failures.

The darker aspects of these self-appointed prophets, in other words, eventually catch up with them -- even though it may take years, sometimes decades or even centuries for this information to become public knowledge. Character flaws, of course, are not limited to deluded seekers. But whereas authentic spiritual figures wrestle with these flaws in the open, admitting their weaknesses and striving to overcome them, their misguided counterparts go to great lengths to hide their flaws behind carefully crafted spiritual personas.

It is also important to note that NONE of humanity's authentic religious leaders ever claimed to be representatives of a secret society or brotherhood.


The Jesus, Buddha, St. Francis, Joan of Arc, Dalai Lama's of history all lived their lives in the open, drawing their message and support from the religious traditions of their day and their inner connection with the divine, rather than claiming to be representatives of a secret brotherhood that none of their contemporaries knew anything about. Twyman's story matches the bogus archetype outlined above: The Emissaries of Light he encounters are composed of six men, six women, and a central "Teacher" figure. They are unknown to the world at large and cannot be visited unless you have been mysteriously drawn to them.

They are guardians of the race, who have a special message that the world is on the verge of a major awakening. That special message is passed on to Twyman, who has been hand-picked, out of all the people on planet Earth, to represent them and share their message with humanity. They have incredible powers, and not only demonstrate their powers in Twyman's book, but also teach Twyman how to access some of them Twyman is able to effortlessly meditate 12 hours a day, see colors and energy fields, experience mystical states of consciousness, and read minds.

The Emissaries of Light are so advanced, in fact, that all 13 of them are able to physically move in and out of this dimension, at will -- which they do in Twyman's story, after he has been anointed as their chosen messenger. This last talent, of course, is unparalleled in human history.

Not even Jesus Christ and his twelve disciples were able to accomplish a similar feat -- Christ reportedly mastered this talent, but his disciples did not. According to numerous passages in Twyman's book, his story is a true story. It is not an allegorical tale like the Celestine Prophecy, not a novel, not a fictional account.

Emissary of Light Emissary of Light
Emissary of Light Emissary of Light
Emissary of Light Emissary of Light
Emissary of Light Emissary of Light
Emissary of Light Emissary of Light
Emissary of Light Emissary of Light
Emissary of Light Emissary of Light
Emissary of Light Emissary of Light

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