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Forestry and agricultural applications

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Silica Sand. Technical Support. The cultivation of non-soil is a pioneering method of production in greenhouses, as the producer avoids the use of pesticides, substances with effects on health and the environment in order to disinfect the soil. According to this method of cultivation, the plants do not grow in a natural soil, but they grow in pumice substrate in which fertilizers have been added in appropriate quantities. In this way, the spread of pathogens that causes soil-borne diseases is avoided.

Agricultural applications

No chemical disinfectants are used for their treatment , as well as no chemicals are used for the control of weeds. Therefore, the use of pesticides is significantly reduced and it is kept to those which are not toxic to humans and are degraded very quickly in nature. Furthermore, LAVA pumice stone adequately reconciles water retention needs with proper root drainage and aeration requirements.

LAVA pumice stone is perfectly suitable for soilless cultivations of tomato, cucumber, pepper, rose, gerbera, gypsophila, carnation, chrysanthemum and other vegetables and flowers. For all these reasons, pumice stone has become a very interesting substrate for hydroponic cultures, both in Greece and abroad.

Agricultural Applications Agricultural Applications
Agricultural Applications Agricultural Applications
Agricultural Applications Agricultural Applications
Agricultural Applications Agricultural Applications
Agricultural Applications Agricultural Applications

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